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Paid 377.32 SEK + 336.57 SEK and didn't get a shit.

Hello. I bought gold yesterday but it said that the "transfer didn't succeed" or some shit with a red text. I didn't get the gold BUT the money is taken from my bank-account. What is this shit? Sincerely Christoffer

I do have the order numbers.       9515208             and            9515195        and         9515183      but what to do with them?

Helloooooo.. Time to wake up, I either need the money back or the gold........

It says they're "cancelled" but why the f*ck is my money gone then? I've got Swedbank, and there are 2 amounts (377.32SEK & 336.52 SEK) reserved, that will be drawn from my account soon. Help me ASAP please.

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