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Support not helping me!

So growtopia rollbacked the game a few days ago as the players probably should know. Well Bascilly I bought 10 dls from a guy named BizRealness. I did recieve my items the 10th december at the growtopian time 19:30. The game rollbacked to December 10th 16:36 wich means they rollbacked to that log and every process that has been after that time has been removed. That means I lost all my items! They support keep telling me that I need screenshot proof that I have lost the items which is IMPOSSIBLE for me to obtain. How in the hell can I get that kind of proof. I cannot contact the growtopia support either since buying in-game items for real items is illegal and I would get punished for that. I lost in total 257 sek wich is about 31 usd for me. PLEASE JUST HELP ME!

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