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Photo ID says In-Progress //

On the 3rd verification step .. it says this:

Please upload your current Photo ID or Passport. The verification process will be completed within 2 days by our account specialist.

 Verifying your Photo ID

Does this mean that I already uploaded a photo?.. Because the buyer has purchased my account and I do not see the money in my credits. And I have done all the steps I needed to take. Billing, Phone and (waiting?) Photo ID.

There is no button for me to press to actually upload a Photo ID, nor do I remember even uploading one.

I just want to make sure I get paid for the account. It's not a few dollars, it's $225.

-Thanks in advance!

I just want to add that the buyer has changed the email, password ..ect. to my account successfully.

So, now what do I have to do to see the money in my account!? 

Attached to this comment is the purchase information.

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