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Bought account, you jerkoffs RESOLD IT!

I bought an account on Oct 20th i have the reciept screenshot and everything ive sent it to you people 100 times in emails cause you keep saying i need to show proof and ive SHOWN everything and on janurary 4th someone RESOLD my account and you people think that refunding the 30 i paid for it will make it up? i spent over 100+ dollars on the account over the 2 to 3 monthes i OWNED it and I never sold it gave it away or anything you people RESOLD my account and you think refunding me 30 dollars STORE credit is anytrhing? first off wheres my 100+ other dollars refunded, WHERES MY ACCOUNT I PAID FOR! and why the fuck would i want store credit you really think ill ever buy shit form your crappy ass webiste again you guys have tyo be the worst gold/account selling webiste out there.

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