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Are you trying to scam my money twice or what? i want a explanation?!

We have come to a conclusion that 9634535 will be filed under credit card fraud. Reason:

OffGamers will supply all information including *IP addressed, M.A.C addresses, phone numbers, reversed lookup information, recorded conversations, *compiled from fraudulent orders to officials and local authorities who will then pursue investigation and prosecution of the criminal action taken by offending parties. Once the criminal case has been completed. A separate civil is then submitted against the offending party to recover any and all damages (financial or otherwise) that is incurred by OffGamers.

You have 72 hours to respond and retract the dispute with Adyen before we submit a police report.

are you guys serious? i canceled the order, he just delivered 11300 gold and thats what i payed, it was payed of my bank account, i can send you a bank statement if you want, but i don't pay twice for a thing that i didn't received!!!

you guys are scamming!!!

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