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Seller not responding

It's been 4 hours since I bought from the seller.

Seller has been online since the time of purchase.

Seller did not respond to my messages, said 1 hour guaranteed delivery time.

Order number # 10080775

Please help me.

Same here waiting more than 1 h and he was on after he go offline Order Number # 10082206


SO WHAY HE SAY AFTER 1 H IF I KNOW IT WILL BE OFF FOR 6 H I WILL NOT BUY IT ...... i buy this coz i need it fast ... so don't online and offline after i pay this is bad omg what a ppl


It's disgusting to wait for over 7 hours when they say to have a guaranteed delivery time of 1 hour when online.

if g2g can get back my 49.95$ on my account and buy from other seller i will not wait for 6h for a guy showing in and going off after i pay ?


The funny part is, g2g takes 12 hours to refund your money as account balance... So more waiting just because a seller is full of lies.

... my god


One more thing, the seller whom I bought from removed the item from the shop XD, seems like they are scamming me.

if it's happen like that they must refund you the all money


Don't ever buy from this seller:

lol he even online ...


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