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dont buy to Adamgwasp, worst seller ever!

This guy has in his announcement 6h delivery, well it has pass already 2 days and he didn’t made the transaction that I paid for. He show up online but he don’t answer at all. In the second day he answer in a really rude way. This guy deserve to be kick and punished if he’s not able to do what he promise. By the way he’s Succes rate is dropping down faster as I’ve expected. I’m waiting for news!

2 people have this problem
I have exactly the same issue with this seller. It said delivery in 6 hours but I’ve have to cancel because it has passed more than 24 hours and he didn’t give even an estimation, just saying “wait for your turn or just cancel if you can’t wait”. First day he didn’t answer anything at all. Very disappointing. Just check his success rate, 12 hours ago was about 83% and right now is around 79%.
Me too.


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