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Scammed by BestGold

Do not buy any WoW gold from BestGold!

I can't recommend this seller, as they scammed me. I know it's my fault for trusting gold trading.

If you must trade gold, do it with a different seller.

They told me, after i received the gold, that he/she needed it back because "they forgot to take a screenshot" of the transaction.

Being trusting, I gave it back. As you would expect, they took advantage of that trust and logged off immediately. I assume they took the screenshot in the first place, to prove they gave it to me, then took it back without me having proof they did so, besides text chat.

I tried talking to them in the seller chat via G2G, and no surprise, they don't respond at all.

Don't be like me! Don't buy from BestGold!

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hey bro did any1 answer you?

Just cancel with your bank bro, don't trust these people.

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