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Clash royale: Refund Gems

Dear responsible,

i bought several times gems from the seller CP mobile, for the game "Clash Royale". 

Below the orders numbers.

№10039850 US $87.67

№10031234 US $202.05

№9944017  US $101.70

It's clearly stated that there's no risk, and the gems are legit.

And now i got banned from supercell.

I'm asking to get refund back, plus an account of the same cards levels that i had.

5 people have this problem

I have the same problem. He asked refunds...

Yes i have the same problem, how can you resolve the problem G2G!!

Summit a ticket. g2g refunded one of my accounts on CoC. I summitted another. Now I wait and see what they do. They doesn't take away the negative gems that I now have (-280,000 to be exact) but that is a start

Same here -40.940 gems - the bastard CpMobile thief. 

Here is his description:


All The Gems Are Legit. 
No Hack Gems Guarantee.
Lifetime Guarentee.
100% Money Back Guarentee.
Best Services!

I want my money back otherwise I will find you and do some awful things to you you yellow bastard!

Same, also requested a ticket. Want my money back or account. If the account gets banned both.

CPmobile refunded on me as well! Over 140k gems gone!

They still refuse to refund me.

I gave them all the proofs.

They ask me to ask supercell about paiement cancelation.

Obviously, Supercell refused many times. This is between Cp mobile, and apple store.

I'm afraid to be scammed and losing money.

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