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Account was retrieved after a month or so of purchase

I bought an account from AngeloGames, he is a verified g2g seller. He retook the account Email, the phone number, all of it. I do not know how. the same Email he gave me, I changed the phone numbers and everything on the email that came with the account. he still retook the account after I bought it. is this how it is ?? we buy the account for a while then the seller decides to take it back??? I attached the order info on this post. if this is how it is, how is this site running then? if it lets scammers like them be a "verified" seller.

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Same thing happened to me but with seller SMStore. I even had screenshots and sent them to G2G and they did nothing.  They received the email, asked for screenshots which I resent, they said they received them and would look into it but in the end they did not.  SMStore are also still selling accounts on G2G. This site cannot be trusted because this was also a verified seller.  What's worse is that SMStore now has 82 thumbs down feedback, which means this has happened 82 times and no action from G2G.  Why not?

Not even a refund even though their website says that there is a refund if this exact thing happens.

Same thing happened to me...TWICE!

SMStore and another.

g2g do not want to know as they are involved in the scam

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