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Hi I am getting notice from supercell stating that refunds have been requested from my various accounts I bought gems from wowmygold supplier. He is now not responding on wechat . So obvious he is a scam seller and is now misusing my accounts . Such sellers should be banned and not allowed to scam players . How can the g2g team help me out here .? Since I paid to the seller trusting your website and supervision . What is my next course of action ?

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I have also bought gems from wowmygold and I started receiving the same messages from supercell earlier this morning. My account is at -126k gems, that is NEGATIVE 126 THOUSAND gems. I also used the seller Snowfour. G2G you need to address this issue ASAP as your service is guaranteed as long as we follow the middleman and g2g for entire transaction.

I just got hit with the same thing. I bought Gems from CpMobileGames and now I -148K gems on one account and -72K on another...and it is rising...I followed exactly what your website asked me to do. What are you guys going to do about this?

Same thing is happening to me, I also bought 70,000 gems from CpMobileGames and now have -20,000 + gems and it is still rising... I am concerned that my account may get banned soon. What can  i do about this ?

I bought from VIPTourney and the same thing has happened to me. -9500 gems and still going down every 80-90 minutes. 

If anyone figures out a solution please post it here as I have already emailed G2G and they are not responding. 

I am not sure. I am now up to -195K on one and -103K on the other. thats pretty much what I paid for. Its over for that account. Suck. I am over the top angry. I paid. Then I paid. I will never be able to pay that back. I am now worried to every do this again because they may just ban me. I have done this with other buyers and it has gone great. So... Even if they reimburse us... Still, that would be a start...

yes i have used all those same sellers and am now losing and losing

I've bought from 2 different sellers including cpmobilegames and the same thing happened to me, not sure what to do now.

Same here i bought from cpmobilegames apparently refunded their purchase on my account so now i am at negative

wowmygold is using stolen credit card so when ppl report it stolen sypercell has to refund the money there for we lose our gems and g2g isnt going to do shit about cause they already have our money its all a big scam

Yep, my account is now banned for a month. -254K in gems. I will never above water...

Is anybody else getting banned?

Yup. I was perma banned but after several dozen emails i was able to drop it down to a 31 day ban. g2g cannot be allowed to screw us over this. We need to stand together in this as it seems theres a multitude of us who have been affected. We must be compensated.

Anyone who wishes to pursue g2g further, can email me. my email is

Have reached out already to them. Going to give them time to respond. Still, they can't compensate enough to cover what has happened...

They will have to. People who spent a lot of money will not allow them to get away with this. After a certain amount of "stolen" money from us they may face legal action if they do not bite the bullet and refund all gem purchases.

just heard back from g2g they said since the dates of the refund didnt match up with the dates of purchase they will not give us back our money and there isnt anything they will do

So wich seller can you garantee 100% safe ?

no..unfortunately. I have used people before and it went great. SO... Still, Supercell went back retroactively on me, a couple of months. The person I used CpMobileGames has obviously been doing shady stuff for a while. Sucks... both of my accounts are currently banned and have at least -200,000 gems on it.  I will never get that back to zero. Thankfully, Supercell did not punish my clan. So, happy about that. Hope this helps

So "ironically" CpMobileGames" took his COC stuff down before I got hit by SuperCell. Now WOWMYGOLD is down now. Either g2g took him down or he bounced. At any rate, something has gone down. Just not for us...yet

contact your  paypal and dispute your charges and send screen shots where they refund the gem that how i got my money back

I was scammed as well. Already contacted PayPal but I also used different payment methods. Is there anything I can do to get my money back, guys?

I was scammed as well, bought gems from another seller for another game. He used stupid trash refund method and now my account in which I spent lot of time and money got permanently banned and their email support doesn't give a f because they say to have 0 tolerance against frauds. G2G support keeps saying they're investigating but neither police investigation takes that much time

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