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Lost My Purchased gems

Apparently cpmobilegames had refunded the gems that are put into my account and im not at -79 k gems in coc

3 people have this problem

they are using stolen credit card so when ppl report it stolen supercell has to refund the money there for we lose our gems and g2g isnt going to do shit about cause they already have our money its all a big scam

contact your  paypal and dispute your charges and send screen shots where they refund the gem that how i got my money back

Paul how you do that? I opened a dipsute on paypal but I got response that paypal can't help me with this because it is not covered by the buyer protection program , can you help me get refund?

I have the same problem Paul, how me can dispute the chargues with paypal? (What we have to say)

Paul can you contact me on whatsapp? +48513524679

I sent in a ticket about the scam from CPMobileGames, to and they have refunded one of my accounts. Obviously, they doesn't help my account, it is now banned (temporarily) and has -280,000 gems, to which I will never recover from. But at least that is a start. I sent another ticket for my other account that was destroyed, -170,000 gems and temp ban, and I will wait to see what they will do. 

They have refunded one of your accounts of CR? how??

g2g refunded me the money I spent on one account for CoC. but that does not take away the massive loss i now have on that account because of the scam. But that is a start. I submitted a ticket...

I got scammed by CpMobile as well -40.940 gems in Clash Royale.

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