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SCAM of Gems of Clash Royale by G2G. PayPal option and G2G option

Good morning to all.

I will inform you of the steps I have taken to try to solve the scam made by G2G and its vendors and the final solution I have had.

First of all, after all the problem with G2G, I got in touch with them, sending them the total of burnouts, the order numbers, a video starting session and checking the removal of gems, as well as various screenshots.

After sending it twice and two weeks of barely conversations and contact, I did not get any solution from you!

Then I decided, as some commented in this forum, to contact Paypal to claim the charges.

You have to know that paypal, you can not send any evidence, that all the tests will send only G2G, in this way paypal verifies that indeed, the gems at the time did not give them, so they can not do anything, because that if the product was sent and then removed, that is no longer your problem.

Conclusion, I lost my Clash Royale account, I lost 400 €, G2G has been me and Paypal has not defended me.

I personally have 2 YouTube channels, with 2.4 million and 100,000 subscribers, from games such as Fortnite, Clash Royale, etc.

I'm going to make a video informing you of the scams that they have done to us, because I know that I have subscribers who are clients of this page, so that I can try for no one else to come to this page and lose many clients.

Also I think we should start actions through social networks reporting the scams that occur here.

I opened the dipsute and send screenshots of deducted gems and account banned to Paypal , now I'm waiting for respond from Paypal , I have hope I will revice money back because I lost aroun 600-700$ on this scammers G2G

Sick motherfucking Asian animals! Criminals and thieves! I am going to seek legal help and destroy them.

whats your YouTube channel?

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