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Requesting refund AND LATE DELIVERY

Purchased from a seller with a 1 hour guarantee, and it took over 4 hours  I WANT MY MONEY BACK TO MY BANK. 
ORDER №10566287

and this trash seller

Still waiting my delivery ORDER №11618494

Have told the seller i want 10g extra every minute over the 1 hour delivery period

Still waiting for my gold... this is not good over a hour late now... not happy

I purchased gold last night and woke up this morning and checked and the seller only delivered 200k. The other 300K still hasn't been delivered and it's been 16 hours. This is the last time I will use this site. Also, I messaged the seller 4 hours ago and he said he was transferring the gold atm. I logged in just now and nothing was transferred. I feel like I was just robbed.

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