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jlchacha League of Legends Accounts Locked

 After buying 4 unranked 23000-26000 BE accounts from jlchacha, they have all been locked. Any help resolving this matter would be appreciated, I bought each account a few days apart, with the oldest being from 9 days ago. Thanks.

2 people have this problem

i got 2 accounts locked from same seller. took 5 days. realy sad

Did you guys get this resolved? I have the same problem

My account just got banned from jlchacha after a month of use. Not really sure what to do about it. I disputed it with riot but we will see what they say. 

I got the same problem, how do i contact G2G about this after all this guy is on their website selling locked accounts, please let me know

Yep had similar problem with this same seller. Account was banned due to botting activity.

Take it up with G2G. I got a full refund in store credit for this issue.

I have the same issue. so sad!

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