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How long? Still says Progressing after 5 days!

Hey g2g !

I bought an fortnite account and i waited 5 days, but it still says processing :(

I bought another fortnite account some weeks ago too, but when i wanted to refund it cuz it took to long, i didnt get my money back!

My mom payed for this, and i really want the item i bought...

I hope this is not a scam :(

Also before it said processing in my history, there was a text,

this text..:

We regret to inform that this order is currently pending for verification purposes. Rest assured that the respective department has been notified to check and we will notify you via email once we have the received their reply.

What does that mean??? How can i get the item i payed for?

Plz awnser

Have a nice day, Kimi

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