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Guaranteed 1 hour....

What a wonderful experience I had.... Not even close. Seller not responding.. not responding to tickets.. But again they got their money so why give a shit if I get my order or not? DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! 99% of all sellers are scamers and/or work for Horrible sellers, horrible customer service! And guess what they don't do refunds if the seller doesnt deliver... So unless you call your credit card company and say it was a fraud charge you wont get jack shit back. 1 hour delivery turned in to forever and no responce from seller or I'll be reporting this website, the domain(s) it currently owns (uses) and/or leases. 

For the record: I purchased something over the weekend and the guaranteed time was not followed up on. Nor were responses from the seller. But also it was the weekend. So I waited. Monday rolled around and around noon my order was fulfilled. I’m sure the individual gold sellers aren’t able to post their actual hours of operation. You’re not buying from a robot. Not yet anyway. A little patience may be unnerving to give over to a strange website that you’re paying money to break the terms of an agreement you made, but in my case it paid off and I’ll use the service again.

I am in the same boat. I understand Eli's point but when the delivery time says 1 hour and it says they have plenty of stock you should not have to wait for hours of operation. 

+1 to Clay

I've been waiting over 18 hrs still nothing that's Monday/ Tuesday no weekend no response

Bought 1000gold from AbsoluteGold. He eventually sent me 350g and then after hours of me trying to message him he said to just cancel it because it will take weeks for him to get the other 650g, even though his page says 1 hour delivery time. Bunch of bullshit.

I’ve had great success with my orders. Delivered Btwn 60 to 90 minutes.

Im currently dealing with the seller CHAMPION who just lied about delivery and I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM THEM, this is such bullshit

I am also reporting this domain

Hey.. I sell LoL accounts and would like to say that we are not scammers. we do technically work for G2A and vice versa, without them we wouldn't have anywhere to sell our goods. there is Ebay and a few other sites but I found more success here thus far. I think the reason why you might not get your item within the hour even when the person is online, is because he is AFK and waiting for the notification sound. the notification sound for sellers doesn't always work, at least it doesn't for me personally. I only ever bought a few LoL accounts and had no issues whatsoever, so I can't say what buying gold is like. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to say this but if you are trying to buy currency for a game then I suggest looking somewhere else. I highly recommend getting currency from a website with the word Gold in it, I bought 15 million Gil from them and haven't had any issues. and no.. I don't work for them. also, if you are a seller on this site then I suggest going to the "sold orders" page and refreshing every once in awhile just in-case the notification thing doesn't work.

3 separate sellers now, NEWSUNNY, PLAYER, and ETERNALSHOCK, have all posted for 1 hour delivery and I've not been even able to get a legit response from any of them when I brought up how late they were . (8 and 12 hours+late with no updates, apologies, and no gold. I'm reporting this domain for fraud and want my actual money back since none of the sellers appear to be legit. Avoid these 'sellers' and this website at all costs.

It's worse for these sellers. Sesegold and Player both stiffed me on the gold delivery. They say they delivered but nothing ever shows up in the mail. This is the 3rd time this has happened and I'm spending a LOT of money doing this. Time to move to a different site. 

Hi, same issue. Two sellers, both 1 hour delivery and both just don't deliver nothing. I will wait more time, but I count that I was scammed....$22 punishment for trust this service....

UPDATE: so, one seller delivered golds (with apologize for longer delivery), second one pure scam - Jason - delivering from 3rd December, still no answer. I will update later. 

UPDATE: second seller delivered too. Claimed time to delivery - 1 hour, real time 48 hours. So, count that 1 hour delivery is just not real.

Sorry for google translate. Never buy from top rated sellers. All of them resell gold, items, etc. They almost never exist and you will wait several hours, or even days, for your order. Always select the "sort by low price" option and only buy from Normal, Common and Uncommon sellers. They always have in stock the quantity that they sell and you will receive your order within an hour or even 5-10 minutes. It is from them that resellers with high retention are buying (AbsoluteGold, NewSunny, AlotofGold, Thanku ...) Such sellers as Player, EternalStock, VegoStore, okok, lucky will not sell you gold, because they are specially designed so that real sellers underestimate their prices. These are all twink accounts of the same resellers AbsoluteGold, NewSunny, AlotofGold, Thanku. In addition, buying from resellers with a high rating, you overpay up to 200% of the real price.

I would, but when i tried to order from a smal seller, they put my payment through verification saying the process takes 24hrs. After tickets they e-mail me saying it will take 24 'working' hours. What are their working hours? Mon-Fri 5-9? What a joke.

And they didn't approve my first forum post detailing how my experience trying to buy from this site was.

It is necessary to introduce fines for sellers who do not deliver within one hour. Make a blacklist for such sellers. Only in this way will the buyer be able to receive the order on time. If the buyer receives it once or twice with a long delay, he will never buy on this site again. The administration should be interested in this. So far, I do not see any changes in this direction. Moreover, they without a poll delete pictures from the sale of coins, which are very important for novice sellers in promotion ...

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