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Guaranteed 1 hour....

What a wonderful experience I had.... Not even close. Seller not responding.. not responding to tickets.. But again they got their money so why give a shit if I get my order or not? DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! 99% of all sellers are scamers and/or work for Horrible sellers, horrible customer service! And guess what they don't do refunds if the seller doesnt deliver... So unless you call your credit card company and say it was a fraud charge you wont get jack shit back. 1 hour delivery turned in to forever and no responce from seller or I'll be reporting this website, the domain(s) it currently owns (uses) and/or leases. 

For the record: I purchased something over the weekend and the guaranteed time was not followed up on. Nor were responses from the seller. But also it was the weekend. So I waited. Monday rolled around and around noon my order was fulfilled. I’m sure the individual gold sellers aren’t able to post their actual hours of operation. You’re not buying from a robot. Not yet anyway. A little patience may be unnerving to give over to a strange website that you’re paying money to break the terms of an agreement you made, but in my case it paid off and I’ll use the service again.

I am in the same boat. I understand Eli's point but when the delivery time says 1 hour and it says they have plenty of stock you should not have to wait for hours of operation. 

+1 to Clay

I've been waiting over 18 hrs still nothing that's Monday/ Tuesday no weekend no response

Bought 1000gold from AbsoluteGold. He eventually sent me 350g and then after hours of me trying to message him he said to just cancel it because it will take weeks for him to get the other 650g, even though his page says 1 hour delivery time. Bunch of bullshit.

I’ve had great success with my orders. Delivered Btwn 60 to 90 minutes.

Im currently dealing with the seller CHAMPION who just lied about delivery and I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM THEM, this is such bullshit

I am also reporting this domain

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