Note: Any transaction or communication made outside of will not be covered under GamerProtect.

1. Buyer and seller can communicate with each other through the G2G standalone Beta chat application. The G2G chat application is accessible by clicking on the chat icon located at the top of the menu. This will bring up the chat app windows as shown below:

2. There are three ways you can add the seller into your chat list:

- At the product listing page

- From your order details page

- The seller profile page

3. To turn on/off your chat on your profile page (note: chat button will still be shown at the product listing and order details page), go to your profile page and click on the chat button to toggle it on/off.

Note: As the chat application is a standalone app, a user who is online in the chat does not mean he/she is currently login to and active in their G2G account.