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Delisting offers of inactive sellers


The delisting of offers belonging to inactive sellers is an essential feature designed to maintain the quality and relevance of listings across various services. This process ensures that customers have access to active and up-to-date offerings while encouraging sellers to remain engaged with the platform.

How it works

1. An inactive seller is defined as a user who has not logged into their G2G account within a specified period.

2. The delisting feature operates on a service-specific basis. Each service within the platform has its own duration of inactivity before initiating the delisting process.

Duration for delisting due to inactivity3 days7 days30 days
  • Game Coins
  • Accounts
  • Coaching
  • Boosting
  • Items
  • Skins
  • Top Up
  • Gift Cards
  • Video Games
  • Software & Apps
  • Mobile Recharge

3. Sellers will receive an email alert three (3) days before their offers are delisted due to inactivity. For instance, if the inactive duration for a particular service is set to 30 days, and a seller has been inactive for 27 days, they will receive an email reminder prompting them to log in and engage with the platform.

4. Offers managed through the OpenAPI are exempted from the delisting process. In cases where a seller has both OpenAPI and non-OpenAPI offers within a specific service, only the non-OpenAPI offers will be subject to delisting.

5. If there is any changes made to the duration of inactivity in the future, the changes will affect everyone who's currently logged in to the platform. This means that if you're active on the site when we make the update, the new rules apply to you right away.

For users who have logged out at the time, the previous setting takes precedence until they log in again. Once these users re-engage with the platform, the new inactivity duration settings will be applied to their accounts.

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