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How can I request payment to Payoneer?

Note: With effect from December 16th, 2022, Payoneer will cease services in Russia and close all new registrations from Russia on December 1st, 2022. The last payment withdrawal date is on December 1st, 2022.

How can I request payment to Payoneer?

1. Go to "My G2G" and click "Payment". You can choose to convert your funds or proceed with the withdrawal.

2. To convert your funds prior to withdrawal, click "Convert" and select your preferred currency. Please make sure you have selected the payment gateway with the correct receiving currency, as currency conversion may lead to irreversible forex loss.

3. You may add only one Payoneer payment account for each currency. Payoneer only support USD and EUR withdrawal at this time.

4. Make sure your G2G and Payoneer accounts first and last time is the same. Then connect to your Payoneer account.

5. You will be directed to Payoneer login page.

6. If you do not have a Payoneer account, you may sign up for an account.

7. You will see this page when you have successfully connect to your Payoneer account.

8. You will be redirected back to Add Payment Account page at G2G. Fill in your payment account title, enter the SMS Token and click submit.

9. When you are ready to withdraw, select one of the existing payment account, then confirm the amount to withdraw.

10. Double check all information before confirming your withdrawal. Please refer to the payment schedule and withdrawal fee from G2G account to your Payoneer account.

11. You will receive your payment request number upon submission.

Payoneer account withdrawal fee to your bank :

The exact fees for Payoneer account withdrawal to your bank will depend on your account usage. However, here are some general guidelines:

A withdrawal fee may be applied by Payoneer if you withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to your local bank account.
Non-US countries, where local currency is supported.$3 USD transfer fee + 2% currency conversion feeSome countries may have a currency conversion fee of less than 2% due to special promotions.
Non-US coutries, where local currency is NOT supported.$15 USD flat fee.
Additional intermediary bank fees or loading fees may apply.

- Keep in mind that a disbursement gets sent when disburse value is $50 or more. If it's less than value, then the disbursement gets sent after the next order(s) once the amount reaches or exceeds $50.

- A withdrawal fee may be applied by Payoneer if you withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to your local bank account.

- Detailed pricing and fee information can be viewed during registration on the top left corner under the “Fees” tab on the Payoneer website. After registration, please go to the "Pricing & Fees" tab located under the "Help" menu in My Account.

- For any inquiries, please refer to Payoneer resource center & contact information at https://payoneer.custhelp.com/ 

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