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Game Top Up rules and descriptions

1. Sellers must deliver the item exactly what the item sellers put on the listing. 

2. Sellers must deliver within the delivery speed as stated on the listing. 

3. Sellers must deliver using the delivery method stated in the listed items description. 

4. Using login access from buyers is strictly prohibited. 

5. For seller using G2G openAPI can refer to this document.

6. Sellers must create a listing in the correct services. 

7. Sellers are forbidden to create fake listings. 

8. Transaction detail must be kept in times of dispute with the buyer. Failure to do so will result in losing the dispute. 

9. All communication and correspondence must go through G2G using the chat system. 

10. Upon dispute, Sellers need to provide all information needed that G2G asked for in order to solve the dispute. All information needs to be submitted max 48 hours after a dispute has been made. 

11. Sellers may not use G2G to provide offsite or personal offers. 

12. All item listings cannot contain any description of the sellers contact information.

13. No personal contact information may be given to buyers through Chat.

14. For the offense of Rules 1 or 2, sellers account will be temporary suspended. A second offense will result in permanent account suspension and the sellers store credit will be frozen. G2G reserves the right to reject any appeal or refund request. 

15. The offense of Rule 4 will result in immediate account suspension and the sellers store credit will be frozen. G2G reserves the right to reject any appeal or refund request.

16. Sellers are not allowed to create more than 1 account to create fraudulent purchases by buying their own listed product(s). Any seller found doing so will be suspended without warning and will not be refunded any account balance or available balance.

17. Sellers should ban buyer account, if the buyer is proven to be fraudulent. Sellers should provide G2G with proof of banning the buyer's account. Sellers will not be covered by unauthorised chargeback protection if failure to do so.

18. Sellers are required to be courteous during all communications with a buyer. Any form of harassment including but not limited to threats of violence is prohibited. Buyers should immediately report to G2G support if they encounter sellers who violate this policy.

Manual Top Up

1. Open only to sellers at User Level 30 and above.

2. We currently do not accept credit card payments for manual top-ups. Any attempt to use credit cards for this purpose will result in immediate account suspension.

3. Screenshots or video proof must include the buyer's character ID, quantity before and after delivery. Additionally, proof should include payment receipts.

4. The first order's screenshot and video proof will need to be verified. If the proof is not approved, all orders during that time will be considered failed until the proof is approved.

5. Sellers need communicate with buyer via G2G chat by providing them with evidence of logging out of the customer's account to avoid disputes.

6. Ten percent (10%) of funds are automatically reserved for every successful order. Once the delivery proof is approved, the reserved funds will be released back to the seller's account after 15 days.

7. All communications must be conducted through G2G web chat. Sellers are not allowed to provide personal contacts or contact buyer outside the G2G website.

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