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How do I track my purchase?

To find your order, select Purchase Order and go to corresponding product pages.

You can track the status of your order through the progress indicator in your order details page.

Before the order is completed, you are required to confirm the order as received. If there is no confirmation received from you 3 days after the full delivery has been made, the order will be completed automatically, implying that you are satisfied with your purchase and agree to release the payment to the seller.

Require seller approval for order cancellation?
Order Placed
  • An order has been placed, pending for payment confirmation

To Pay
  • Payment has not been made
  • Payment has been declined or unsuccessful
  • Pending for payment clearance by the bank or payment processor
  • Payment being reviewed by the payment processor

  • Payment has been made
  • Waiting for buyer to complete verification or EKYC (if required)

  • Seller has viewed the general delivery info (eg: server name, quantity etc, EXCEPT character ID)

  • Seller has viewed character ID / Steam Link (or details related to the actual recipient in-game) and is ready for delivery.

  • Seller is in the process of delivering
  • A partial delivery has been made

  • Seller has fully delivered the order
  • Waiting for buyer to confirm order as received

  • Buyer has confirmed the order as received, and release the payment to the seller
  • System has automatically completed the order 3 days after full delivery has been made

  • Order has been cancelled. If there is any deduction to the account, the bank will restore the amount in 1-14 days. Learn about Authorization Hold

Why is seller approval required when cancelling an order?

  • This process ensures that sellers are informed and involved, allowing them to provide input or resolve any issues before cancellation.
  • It also takes into account various factors, such as whether the seller has already dispatched the product or has invested resources to acquire it for delivery.
  • It allows seller to assess the situation and potentially avoid unnecessary costs or efforts associated with fulfilling the order.

How long does it take for seller to approve the order cancellation?

This depends on the current status of the order. The duration will be shown in your order details page when you request for order cancellation. If the seller did not respond at the end of the given timeframe, the order will be cancelled automatically.

- Preparing / Prepared: 6 hours

- Delivering: 48 hours

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