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I have paid, but the order is still in pending or canceled status.

Although this is a rare situation, sometimes the payment gateway may take up to 15 minutes to process. If your order status remains unchanged after 15 minutes, it may be due to the following reasons:

ReasonFollow Up
Payment information has been sent to the card-issuing bank for authorization and is awaiting a response. This applies to credit card payments.
If your order is not updated within 72 hours, your payment will be canceled. If you have already been charged, the charge will be removed within 1-14 days, depending on your bank. For details, you can refer to order cancellation and credit card authorization hold.
The card-issuing bank has declined the payment but has not disclosed the reason. This applies to credit card payments.
Internal error – our server is temporarily unable to connect to the payment gateway.
If you have successfully paid, please do not worry. We will update your order status within 48 hours and proactively contact you to confirm whether you wish to proceed with the transaction.
Transaction failure – the payment for the order cannot be found.
Technical error (i.e., payment gateway maintenance, technical error on the payment gateway side preventing the receipt of real-time payment notifications corresponding to the order).
PayPal eCheck: When the account has insufficient funds, PayPal issues an eCheck. PayPal eChecks usually take about 5 days to process.
Once we receive confirmation that your payment has been cleared or reviewed, we will promptly update your order status and proactively contact you to confirm whether you wish to proceed with the transaction.

Please note that during the eCheck/review period, G2G cannot cancel your payment.
SofortBanking review: The bank is reviewing the payment. This review process may take approximately 3 to 5 business days to complete.

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