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Software & App Account Listing Rules

  1. Sellers are not allowed to create fake listings, including those with unrealistically high or low prices.
  2. All communications can only be conducted through G2G web chat. Sellers are prohibited from sharing personal contact details or communicating through any private communication tools such as Discord, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.
  3. Sellers are not allowed to copy content or product descriptions from other sellers unless explicitly permitted. Sellers need to ensure that the provided descriptions are accurate and up to date with the current conditions of the account.
  4. The software account listed must be from a legitimate source or origin.
  5. When delivering the account, the seller must provide the buyer with all necessary access information. This includes providing the current registration and login details. For lifetime subscription accounts, the seller must include a note in the description advising the buyer to change the password and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure the security and longevity of their access.
  6. Sellers with a high number of complaints or disputes filed by buyers will be considered high-risk or "problematic" sellers and will not be covered by GamerProtect. G2G reserves the right to take appropriate actions as we deem fit, including but not limited to refunding orders, withholding payments, and suspending selling permissions.
  7. Sellers who resolve issues with buyers within 72 hours prior to escalation will be excluded from penalties and being marked as problematic.
  8. Sellers who disagree with the outcome of a dispute and wish to appeal must compile statistics and reports of the complaints received and submit them to G2G for review.
  9. The minimum insurance period for sold accounts is set to 14 days.
  10. For any inquiries, valuable feedback, or suggestions regarding account selling rules, please contact us.
  11. It is prohibited to sell software accounts that are restricted due to unusual circumstances, such as accounts banned for policy violations or other restrictions that limit their usability.

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