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How do I open a trade dispute or escalate an issue?

1. If there is any trading dispute or issue with the delivery (such as order not received), you may click on the "Did Not Receive" button and communicate with the seller to resolve the issue. Most of the issues are raised due to miscommunication and can actually be solved quickly between buyer and seller. We highly encourage buyer and seller to communicate through the G2G chat system to solve the issue before escalating it.

2. If a resolution cannot be reached after 48 hours, you may click on the "Escalate" button to seek mediation from G2G team. G2G team may take up to 7 days to investigate and give a final decision on the matter.

3. If you wish to continue the delivery for the remaining order, please click on "Resolve Escalate" and communicate with the seller for the arrangement. Seller will not be able to deliver if your order remained escalated.

4. If you do not wish to continue with the delivery but instead want to cancel and refund the remaining order, please click on "Resolve Escalate" first. Confirm receive the amount you have received thus far, then click on the "Cancel order" button.

5. You may click on "Confirm Received" again if you made a mistake in disputing the order, or when the issue has been resolved.

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