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Gift cards FAQ for sellers

1. What is the commission fee for selling Gift cards?

Answer: The commission fee is between 4.99% - 9.99%, but we are currently running a promo of 4.99% commission fee for all seller ranking.

2. After delivering the Gift cards, when can I receive the payment?

Answer: Once the buyer has confirmed receipt, the payment will release to seller in 3 days.

3. What should I do if the buyer encounters issue redeeming the Gift cards?

Answer: Sellers must assist buyer to resolve the issue (invalid codes, unable to redeem) and guide them to redeem the Gift cards. Sellers may also be required to obtain code redemption information from the developer or publisher if necessary.

4. I have downloaded the sample CSV file to upload the Gift cards in bulk, but the serial number appears to be truncated or not displayed correctly.

Answer: Please change the column type to "plain text" in your document editor.

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