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Requesting refund for order in Preparing or Delivering status

When you initiate a refund request for an order in the "Preparing" or "Delivering" status, you might wonder why there's a waiting period before the refund is processed. This delay is primarily due to the need for the seller's acceptance of the order cancellation. 

In many cases, sellers have already invested time and resources into preparing the goods for delivery, and a premature refund could result in financial losses for them. Waiting for the seller's acceptance ensures a cooperative approach to the cancellation process. Sellers are given the opportunity to confirm their readiness to cancel the order and provide necessary details for the refund. 

The waiting period facilitates communication between the buyer and seller. It allows both parties to discuss any potential issues, resolve misunderstandings, and coordinate the cancellation process effectively. 

In cases where the seller does not respond within a specified timeframe, the system will automatically refund the order amount to the buyer, ensuring that buyers are not left in limbo if the seller fails to respond within a reasonable time.

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