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WOW Classic: Gold delivery proof requirement

All sellers are required to keep a video recording for all trade conducted in game. Sellers may still provide screenshots as proof upon completion of order. However, if there is any trade dispute or issue with the order, sellers must be able to provide the video recording as proof of delivery:

(1) The video recording must start from the character login interface, and the screen must clearly show whether it is Burning Crusade Classic or World of Warcraft Classic, the character ID and Realm of the buyer, along with character ID of other players in game.

(2) For mailbox delivery, seller must open Social Window by pressing default shortcut key of "O". Then open the "Ignore" list to show that the buyer character ID is not in the list.

(3) The video proof must capture the whole computer screen and not just part of it.

(4) Once the seller has logout after trade is completed, the screen must show server location of the character, and also the list of the server.

World of Warcraft Classic

Burning Crusade Classic

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